Muslim community in Tharaka Nithi seek recognition

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Muslim Community in Tharaka Nithi County have appealed to the county government to remember them in employment positions and education bursaries arguing that they were bona fide members of the region just like other religious groups.
Chuka Mosque assistant Imam Sadat Shabaan said despite being a minority religious group, the Muslim community are educated and have professionals who, if incorporated into the government could help the county in propagating economic development.
“Although we are a minority religious group we have our share of professionals who can give their input in the development agenda if incorporated into the county government,” said the Muslim Imam.
Speaking during Madrasa Tul Hidaya Tul graduation held at Chuka Mosque Saturday, Imam Shabaan further called on the county and national governments to consider their children for education bursaries to empower them in academics and increase their employment opportunities.
Shabaan claimed that professionals from their community are treated as outcasts in the county, forcing their children to seek for employment opportunities in other counties which have higher numbers of people practicing their faith.
“We are treated as outcasts in our own county. Nobody in this community has benefited with employment even after our children applied for the positions they are qualified,” lamented the Muslim clergy.
He further claimed that the areas where they reside are behind in terms of development citing lack of street lighting and poor roads. He said their pleas to their area Member of Parliament for street lights in their suburb in Chuka town has always fallen on deaf ears, leaving them at the mercy of muggers while going home from their various activities
“The street lighting and tarmacking of Chuka town sidelined us and it makes it terrible to move around including going to the mosque for prayers. This place is dark and we are vulnerable to muggers especially at night,” said Shabaan.
The Imam urged Muslims to stay united and continue practicing their faith and master the teachings of the Quran and Hadithi that guide them to avoid falling prey to immoral behaviour that may accompany the growth of Chuka town.
According to him, it is now 19 years since madrasa were introduced at Chuka town and only 20 children have graduated.
By David Mutwiri

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