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Targets in Bungoma met as curtain falls on Census exercise

Bungoma County Statistics coordinator Mr. William Etwasi has described the country’s 6th census exercise as successful in the region.

He attributed the success to long term planning, effective mapping of enumeration areas and commitment of all those who were enlisted to undertake various tasks.

The mapping determined the number of enumerators brought on board as every enumerator was allocated a specific enumeration area that comprised not more than 150 households to be covered within a period of eight days from the night of August 24

The actual head count was preceded by a two day pre listing exercise that gave enumerators a projected outlook of the numbers to expect.

In Bungoma County, the exercise went on smoothly with very minimal challenges leading to a 99.96 percent coverage according to Mr. Etwasi.

One resident was discovered dead in his house on the night of 26 after enumerator’s failed to have his door opened on the nights of 24 and 25.

Despite the numerous awareness campaigns carried out in all parts of the country, a good number of enumerators reported knocking doors persistently before some residents gave in.

Village elders and Nyumba kumi members provided the necessary back up.

No incidents of gadgets failure were reported but lack of network in the deep forest of Mt. Elgon forced enumerators at the beginning to move to Kapsokwony before the ICT team resorted to using Bluetooth to transmit data.

Etwasi said all information provided was treated confidentially and was transmitted real time to the KNBS servers.

The coordinator commended all respondents in the county for making their work easy by cooperating with the enumerators.

Etwasi said the results of the head count will determine how resources will be allocated, and how review of boundaries will be determined ahead of the next general elections.

He said the headcount meets the minimum threshold of credibility and the margin of error was negligible.

By Roseland Lumwamu

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