Leaders call for Parenting among children and youths during the Festive season

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A section of women leaders from Narok County have emphasized the need for increased parenting and guidance among young parents and the youth against drug and substance abuse during this festive season.

Led by Narok women representative Rebecca Tonkei during a book launch by Lydia Ntimama at her father’s home in Narok town the leaders also stressed the need to sit down with children during this long festive holiday and advise them on good virtues in line with molding them to responsible citizens.

Tonkei noted that youth worldwide have a challenge with drug abuse thereby a dire need for parents to ensure their children are free from the habit for a healthy society revealing that the government has rolled out a program to address the challenge.

Narok North Member of Parliament, Agnes Pareiyo on her part reminded parents in the County to desist from corporal punishment this festive season and more so to ensure the safety of school-going girls ahead of next year’s opening of schools.

Andrew Sunkuli, a politician and an author of books noted that the modern lifestyle has overburdened parents today more so with the advent of electronic entertainment further urging parents to always stay closer to their children to offer desired guidance.

Ntimama added that in the early 1990s, the parenting style was authoritarian where the parents used to ‘sit’ on a child, while she advocated for a new style of parenting styles where the parent must sit down with her/his child and talk.

By John Kaleke

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