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Leaders Condemn Baragoi Killings

Samburu Woman Representative Maison Leshomo has called on the interior ministry to conduct a security operation in Baragoi to weed out criminals who are killing residents and undermining peace initiatives.

Speaking to the press in Maralal town while condemning the killing of a 35-year-old widow in Baragoi town last night, Leshomo said that the government has to come up with a lasting solution for peace in Samburu north.” The mother of five was shot outside her house in cold blood and nothing was taken from her,” she said.

She noted that countless peace meetings between the government, Samburu and Turkana elders and local leaders have not borne fruits over the years.

“One week ago, we held a peace meeting with Samburu and Turkana communities attended by the National Cohesion and Integration Commissioner Dorcas Dogo to urge members of the two communities to live together peacefully and then this has happened,” she regretted.

Leshomo noted that three people have been shot dead in the last two weeks among them a nine-year-old boy adding there are individuals in Samburu north that do not want peace between the Samburu and Turkana communities.

“The government should investigate and either recommend the communities to live separately or remove and prosecute the criminals,” She said. Residents are tired of living in fear and want a lasting solution,” she emphasized.

By Robert Githu

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