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Learning paralyzed as strong winds blow off roof

Learning  at Kadutura Primary School in Laikipia North was paralysed after a strong wind blew off the roofs of classrooms thereby exposing the pupils to rain.

The  wind that left four classrooms and several homesteads without roof is said to have started at 3 pm, minutes after the  rain had started drizzling.

According  to the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Chairman, Nkwea Kalale, the classes were in session when the disaster hit  the school and blew off the rooftops.

“It was around 3:15 pm when we saw a huge cloud of dust blowing from a nearby slope to a village where it saw several homesteads damaged before hitting our school.

“The  wind blew up four classroom iron roofs leaving our children in the rains that had already started drizzling,” said the  PTA chair noting that nobody was injured in the incident.

Kalale  added that the wind was followed by heavy rains that saw pupils’ books from the affected classes soaked in water.

“We are calling upon both levels of government and well-wishers to come to our aid as the iron sheet for the four

classrooms needed to be replaced as the existing ones were damaged by the wind,” cried Kalale.

By  Albert  Kiama

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