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Leave our governor alone, residents demand

A section of Kirinyaga County residents have told off politicians engineering for the impeachment that could lead to the premature removal from office of Governor Anne Waiguru.
The residents claimed it has now emerged clearly that it was not about the impeachment but 2022 politics at play.
One resident Gicobi Ndathi wondered why some local politicians were dragging the 2022 politics into the said impeachment which was already being handled by the Senate.
“After the MCAs passed a motion to have our governor impeached and forwarded the matter to the Senate, no one should be politicizing the process again but wait for the process and its outcome without hyping emotions,” Gicobi said.
He said it was wrong for the politicians to go round the county tarnishing Waiguru’s name where they were fully aware she could not be available to defend herself.
Speaking at Kabatiro slums within the outskirts of Kutus town after a peaceful demonstration, Gicobi said such politicians had already judged Waiguru harshly without the Senate time to handle the matter.
Julius Muchiri, another resident said the ongoing public utterances were prejudicial to the impending impeachment by the Senate.
The residents said it was only proper for the senate to drop all the trumped up charges against Waiguru to enable her complete her remaining period.
“If Waiguru were to leave office, what can anyone to achieve in just two years? It’s only fair that we give Waiguru some breathing space to complete her pre-election pledges and not to cut her off midway,” Muchiri said.
The said protestors then left and dispersed to different directions after the early morning demonstration chanting pro-Waiguru slogans.
Since last week there has been a series of press conferences organized by various groups including elected leaders with some for and others against the impending impeachment.
By Irungu Mwangi

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