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Legislator lauds gov’t for issuing title deeds

Igembe North MP Maoka Maore has lauded the national government for processing title deeds for residents who have stayed for many years without the vital document.

Speaking during the issuance of titles to landowners at Linjoka Catholic Church grounds, the MP said President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government through the Ministry of Lands has delivered justice to the residents especially in areas where the last title deeds were issued 55 years ago.

“The last title deeds in Igembe North were issued back in 1966. It is a great privilege to have a government that is working hard to ensure its people had the right to ownership of their pieces of land,” applauded Maore.

In the last four years, he added, the government has issued a total of 31,000 title deeds with Antubetwe Kiongo, Amwathi 2, and Ntunene 2 adjudication sections receiving 16,000, 11,000, and 4,000 title deeds respectively.

The MP said they were closely working with the Lands Ministry to ensure more title deeds are processed by the end of the President’s term.

“We are telling our people to cooperate with the land officers and local committees on the ground to hasten the process and ensure every resident has a title deed for his piece of land which is proof of ownership,” Maore said.

The MP added that a title deed desk will be set up at Laare Deputy County Commissioner’s office for three days to give residents time to collect them as well as shorten the distance of going to Maua Registry in Igembe South.

Meru County Lands and Physical Planning County Executive Committee member Jeremiah Lenya said they were committed to playing their role in the process of ensuring 100 per cent issuance of title deeds to the residents.

“Governor Kiraitu Murungi is committed to working closely with the national government and other elected leaders to ensure success in this process. It’s a long journey but we thank God we are untied towards this cause,” said Lenya.

Laare Assistant County Commissioner Brian Kimutai warned those who have already received their title deeds to use them diligently to the benefit of their families.

“You should not take advantage of the title deeds to sell land for no important reason. You should inform your family members and come to a consensus before doing this,” said Kimutai.

By Dickson Mwiti

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