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Plans to tap Baringo’s geothermal energy on course

The Geothermal Development Company (GDC) has laid out modalities to start tapping geothermal energy from the Baringo Silali project in the next three years.

GDC North Rift acting Regional Manager Engineer Stephen Kangogo said the company has struck seven successful wells at Paka hills and Korosi area which have turned out to be promising while two more are still at drilling stage.

A team of waterline maintenance crew from GDC laying piping works at Turo area in Tiaty for the Baringo-Silali geothermal project. Photo by Photos by Benson Kelio

Eng. Kangogo said the project, where drilling began in 2018, has yielded fruit since the highest well within the Paka prospect produces 17 megawatts (mw) of steam energy which is awaiting addition to the national grid.

“Because of this well which has produced the highest output, we only need about 10 more so that we can achieve100 mw in our first phase of exploration works,” he said.

Speaking to the press during a field visit to the project in Tiaty, Eng Kangogo noted that the three prospects of Korossi, Paka and Silali section whose exploration works have not yet commenced has a potential of producing 3,000 megawatts.

He said once appraisal drilling is concluded after confirmation of geothermal resource in the area, the company will hand over to the electricity generating company, KENGEN, for the designing of a power plant which will immensely contribute to the national grid.

GDC’s Infrastructural Development Engineer Joseph Mberia said the project has enabled infrastructure development in the vast region which had lagged behind in development.

Mberia said that apart from a new 104-km road network which connects Silale, Paka and Korosi areas, more than 20 water points have been established for the locals to access safe and clean water for domestic use as well as about 40 water troughs set up for livestock.

He said that the current developments have promoted peace in the region faced with myriad challenges like drought and insecurity resulting from cattle rustling and banditry.

By Benson Kelio and Jebichii Chepkwony

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