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Man Faces Life Imprisonment for Defiling His Daughter

A man who defiled and impregnated his daughter will spend the rest of his life in prison after the Siaya High Court dismissed his appeal.

Samson Onyango of Ulumbi Village in Ugenya Sub County was found guilty of incest and defilement before Senior Resident Magistrate Gladys Adhiambo of Ukwala Court on August 31, 2018.

Onyango, 48 years old, had defiled the minor (name withheld) and threatened to kill her with a knife if she revealed to anyone about the ordeal of that horrific Sunday night, while her mother was away from home, the 13-year-old told the court.

Mercy Adhiambo, a teacher at the Guidance and Counselling Department at Sikalame Primary School told the court that she got suspicious over the child’s sudden absenteeism and seemingly poor health.

Adhiambo said that she reached out to the pupil who was initially resentful but with time opened up and she took her to Sikalame Dispensary, where she was found to be expectant. The minor was a class seven pupil at that time.

Afterwards DNA report done by Ambira Sub-County Hospital revealed that the girl and her son shared the same father.

Onyango in his appeal sought for leniency on grounds that the DNA report was produced by unqualified person and that the sentence was excessive.

But Lady Justice Roseline Aburili in her judgment dismissed the appeal on grounds that the victim was traumatized and is the one who asked for her father to be sentenced for life and that the punishment is for protection of society against predators like the appellant.

“The victim feels more pained than the courts which are merely involved in passing lawful sentence,” Aburili added.

By Liz Akama and Byron Ouma

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