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Local rogue contractors in Nyamira put on notice

Local rogue contractors who have failed to deliver on their projects have been put on notice and their contracts likely to be reassigned.

The  warning was issued  on Thursday  by the Nyamira County Commissioner (CC), Amos  Mariba while chairing the County Development Implementation and Coordination committee (CDICC) meeting, noting that most local contractors who have been mandated to undertake government development projects have failed to deliver.

“Local contractors do not want to admit that they do not have capacity to perform works they allege to have expertise in and because of that reason they have paralyzed completion of development projects meant to benefit the common mwananchi,” the CC said.

“Most of the contractors are not on the ground to do the work they are assigned and keep on giving lame excuses on why projects are stalled or dodge away from site when monitoring is being undertaken because they lack convincing explanation why they cannot complete their work,” he added.

“The grace period given such underperforming contactors has timed out and we have recommended as a committee reassigning of stalled projects to other contractors who can prove they have capacity to undertake the work,” Mr. Mariba stated.

The  Presidential Delivery Unit Director, Melchizedeck  Onguso highlighted that some of the projects being delayed due to underperforming contractors are Misambi-Ekerenyo and Kijauri-Nyansiongo- Raitigo roads which were assigned to local contractors who have failed to complete the work despite lapse of time.

The CC further commended the Kenya Power company for working round the clock in ensuring that most of the major towns and market places are lighted up to beef up security in such populated areas.

He urged them to pursue other sources of energy like solar to make power affordable to all Kenyans, especially those who cannot afford paying monthly power bills which have made them shy away from applying for power connection to their homes.

By  Deborah  Bochere

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