Looming water shortage due to accumulated water bills

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The  Narok Water and Sewerage Company Director, Stanley Kuyoni has warned of a looming water shortage in Narok Town and its environs following accumulated water bills amounting to millions of shillings.

Though he declined to mention the real amount of debt owned by the water consumers, Ole Kuyoni said the huge debt is crippling the company’s operation affecting service delivery to wananchi.

“I urge all our customers with huge debts to pay them soon to avert any water crisis as the commodity is key in fighting the rapidly spreading coronavirus,” said Ole Kuyoni.

Kuyoni who spoke from his office Monday said the company has been depending on learning institutions and hoteliers within the town who have been the biggest water consumers in supporting costs of operations.

But now with the closure of many institutions due to the ongoing global pandemic of the coronavirus, Kuyoni said the company will now be relying on household customers whom he said have huge amount of accumulated debts.

“The chemicals we use for treating the water come from private suppliers who need to be paid immediately they supply the products. We also need to replace broken pipes and pay for regular maintenance of the water system hence we cannot operate without money,” said Kuyoni.

However, he advised residents to maintain basic hygiene such as regularly washing hands and cleaning surfaces as a preventive measure against being infected with Covid 19 which has so far caused four deaths in the country.

The water system in Narok town and its environs was built by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in collaboration with the government of Kenya and was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta back in the year 2016.

Since then, the system has been constantly supplying clean water to about 50,000 households in the town and its environs.

Last week, Narok Governor Samuel Tunai announced that the county government would waive all the water bills accumulated at the water kiosks in Majengo slums.

Nevertheless, the governor did not waive individual’s water bills which have accumulated to millions of shillings since last year.

By  Ann  Salaton

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