Kirinyaga leaders urged to stop wrangling, address Covid -19 first

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The  water tanks distributed by the Kirinyaga Women rep, Wangui Ngirici at Ngurubani  town on  Sunday April 5, 2020. Photo by Irungu Mwangi/KNA.

The  Kirinyaga County women representative, Wangui Ngirichi has told leaders to stop wasting their energies to settle political scores, but instead spend such resources in the fight against the spread of the corona virus.

Ngirichi said it was a pity that some leaders in Kirinyaga County could even afford to spend money in organizing supremacy battles, while such cash should have been used to buy the much needed water tanks and sanitizers for the corona pandemic.

Speaking outside the Mboma rice mills in Ngurubani town on Sunday, when she distributed water tanks with a 550 litre capacity to be placed in all strategic places in the area with sanitizers, the women representative however said the ongoing political war  between Governor Anne Waiguru and the County MCAs would rather be left to them.

“Waiguru should be presumed innocent until proven guilty as per the laws of the land, while I must impress upon others to keep off the fight and let the two parties handle it their own way,” she said.

She said her main concern was to ensure with the little resources her office had, the common mwananchi was not left exposed to the coronavirus.

“As your Woman Representative through the National Government Affirmative Action (NGAAF), my office is funded as the tune of Sh. 24 million per year and despite the 700,000 plus population in the county, I am still able to ensure every corner of the county gets at least something,” she said.

Ngirichi  said the high quality tanks would be placed in all bus parks, markets and other social amenities in the county since regular washing of hands had proven quite effective in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

The Women rep. also decried the use of obscenity by some employees of the county government while engaging the deputy governor Peter Ndambiri.

“Please for heaven’s sake let those in the political war avoid such vulgarity since those insults were portraying those uttering them as uncivilized, immature and idiots in front of the rightful thinking members of the society and to the large extent, their children,” she said.

She said if there were any differences between Waiguru and Ndambiri, it was upon them to solve such differences privately but not by using some county employees as purveyors of the insults against one side.

Last Thursday, there was a confrontation between supporters of the governor and Ndambiri at Difathas market which tuned chaotic with each side blaming the other.

It all started at Kang’aru primary school grounds on Wednesday where supporters and several employees of Waiguru led by one Wazedi called Ndambiri unprintable words all in the name of defending the governor against the impeding impeachment.

The group also comprised of one Millicent Kinuthia (traditional dancers mobiliser) and Gichobi Ndathi (senior coordinator of Waiguru’s political activities), when the unprintable were hurled against Ndambiri.

Both outsiders and insiders have queried why county funds meant to assist citizens should be spent for such a worthless course.

“The Assembly should be left alone to carry out its constitutional mandate until the impeachment process gets to its logical conclusion in a civilized manner,” she said

By  Irungu Mwangi

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