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LREB to Fast Track 2022-27 Strategic Plan to Propel Developmental Agenda

Blue economy, green energy, health and transport will be some of the major pillars that will dominate the 11th Lake Region Economic Block (LREB) summit in Migori County.

The three day event will bring together stakeholders from all the 14 LREB members and various stakeholders across the country.

The LREB counties are Bungoma, Busia,Homa Bay, Kakamega, Kisii, Kisumu, Migori, Nyamira, Siaya, TransNzoia, Kericho, Bomet , Nandi and Vihiga.

The Chairperson of the LREB and Kisumu Governor Professor Anyang’ Nyong’o said that the summit intends to make the pillar programmes very productive.

The LREB strategic plan 2022-27 is expected to propel the blocks development and growth that have been brought together by similar ecological zones, natural resources and cultural histories that date back to historical migrations and trade routes.

The LREB economic blueprint will guide the development efforts by leveraging existing assets, addressing constraints and defining key steps that leaders and citizens of the region can take to transform the shared vision of prosperity into reality.

Nyong’o said that the railway system, an ambitious project by the LREB has already engaged with the India Rail Cooperation to realise the project.

LREB has more than 14 million people making it a very important block in the economy of Kenya in terms of the transport network. The block has 40 percent of the Kenyan population and contributes to almost 50 percent of the Kenyan economy.

LREB summit will also discuss the plans to have solar power production to provide alternative and affordable energy to its residents. Nyong’o noted that the solar energy will address power production and give the LREB residents affordable, cheap and clean energy.

Climate change, environmental matters and the blue economy are also key agendas in development for the LREB summit. Nyong’o pinpointed that the effects of climate change on the blue economy have displaced people, destroyed homes and social amenities due to the rising waters of Lake Victoria.

“LREB counties along Lake Victoria will need to prepare to live with the changing environment that has been brought about by the effects of climate change”, affirmed Nyong’o.

He welcomed Migori residents to attend the panes reports and helps come up with resolutions that will positively impact the LREB summit.

On the health pillar, the LREB will propose Drone technology as the most improved way of delivering medical and veterinary services. Nyong’o added that already drones are being used to deliver drugs in Chemelil-Kisumu County, a noble health intervention that LREB will be looking to implement.

LREB host and Migori Governor Ochilo Ayacko urged the residents to participate in the summit in order to impart positively the pillars of health, transport, agriculture and blue economy.

“Dignitaries across the 14 counties will present diversity in terms of culture, politics and social-economic. Migori residents’ participation will help the LREB to close ranks and deal with national challenges and steer our economic growth”, said Ochilo.

Ochilo said that the LREB will aim to sustain the change in the ambitious projects to benefit the region and steer economic growth. He affirmed that some of the pillar anchors will be implemented by counties that are well placed to implement the project for the benefit of all the LREB members.

The LREB partnership between the 14 counties will create a practical framework through which county government efforts can be pooled to harness abundant natural resources, build on existing strengths, and address challenges.

Nyong’o emphasised that some of the achievements since the interception of LREB in 2015 include Covid-19 fight success and the sugar report that acted as blueprint for reviving the sugar industry economy although the report is yet to be implemented.

The LREB summit conventions are held on a rotational basis by member counties as a forum for caucusing with the aim of forging deliberations that will ultimately give rise to decisions that shall make LREB a success. The 10th LREB was held in Kisumu County.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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