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Nyandarua Governor Steps up War against Drug Abuse

Nyandarua County Governor, Kiarie Badilisha, has called for concerted effort among religious leaders and stakeholders in the fight against drugs and substances abuse in the society.

He contended that it is only through collaboration among the various stakeholders and religious leaders that the County can achieve a drug-free society.

“I will not relent in fighting against substance abuse within Nyandarua County and I urge each and every person to take responsibility of fighting the drug menace for a bright and successful future for our youths. Drugs and substance abuse among the youths, is one of the major factors that hinder them from achieving their true potential in life,” Dr. Badilisha said.

He assured the people that he had already instituted administrative steps to address licensing and enforcement of bars and entertainment joints in the County.

The Governor added that it is no longer tenable to address liquor licensing as merely a social and revenue issue, but one that is now touching on the survival of our youth, especially the youth’s potential to develop and sustain a functional population of the County.

While congratulating Rev. Kahinda on his ordination, Governor Badilisha promised the Kinangop people that he has already agreed with the President on having one industrial park, focusing on agro-processing which will be established in Njabini area, noting that the facility  will save the  youth from these unscrupulous characters poisoning their present and future.

Earlier this month, Nyandarua County Woman Representative, Ms. Faith Gitau, had called on the Governor to revoke all liquor and bar licenses in the County and issue afresh the licenses after vetting the sellers and bar owners.

By Waithera Mumbi


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