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Maa leaders vow to support BBI

A group of Maa leaders has vowed to persuade the community to support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) saying the document addresses issues that will help end marginalization and historical injustices in the community.
Led by Environment and Forestry Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko, the leaders said the document favored the community which he promised would support it 100 percent.
“The Maa community historically has received a low deal during the colonial time and even after independence hence the only way we can stop is by joining hands to say enough is enough through supporting BBI,” said Tobiko.
Tobiko recalled that during the Lancaster conference, the Maa delegation walked out because they were getting a raw deal instead of staying in and fighting. This made them miss out on all the goodies on the table then,” he recalled.
The CS reiterated that the Maa community will not let others decide for them what is good or bad but will stay inside the BBI so that if there is something needed to be fine-tuned, they will do so when supporting the document.
Tobiko who spoke on Saturday at Olulunga area in Narok South Sub County during the burial of former councilor

A mourner in the burial of Mzee Supeyo Lemain at Olulunga ward in Narok South Sub County

Mzee Supeyo Lemain reminded those campaigning that the president seat is not yet vacant.
“President Uhuru Kenyatta has more than one and half years left before leaving office, that office is not vacant hence everyone must respect the office,” said Tobiko.
Also in attendance were Labour Chief Administration Secretary (CAS) Patrick Ntutu, Members of Parliament Korei Lemain (Narok South), Soipan Tuya (Women Representative), Moitalel Ole Kenta (Narok North), Narok County Assembly Speaker Nkoidilla Ole Lankas and Majority leader Benard Torome, Narok County Commissioner Evans Achoki.
Ole Kenta who read the condolence message from former Prime Minister Raila Odinga also called on the Maa community to support BBI as it empowers the Members of County Assembly to get a 20 percent budget from the county government for development.
He called on politicians to be clear on the side they support to avoid confusing wananchi who sometimes depend on them for advice.
Ole Ntutu said that he has received views from many Maasai leaders who have already read the document that the document is good and supports people in the grass roots.
“99 Percent of the document is okay and we as the Maa people will fully support it. We will follow the footsteps of President Uhuru Kenyatta because he has led us well as a community,” reiterated Ole Ntutu.
The CAS asked the County commissioner to ensure the residents get the document through the chiefs’ office so that they can read it and get to know what it contains.
Narok Women representative Soipan Tuya also asked the community to support the document saying it will bring more resources in the county to benefit them.
By Ann Salaton


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