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Covid Noncompliant Motorists Nabbed

Mombasa bound motorists flouting Covid-19 protocols had a difficult Monday morning after noncompliant motorists were nabbed during security operations at Bonje road block.
Led by the Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo, the inspection of noncompliant motorists both personal, transit and passenger vehicles was occasioned by the increase in Covid-19 infections in the coastal city in recent days.
“The exercise is intended to create public awareness on the need to observe the set covid-19 mitigation measures for people to wear face masks, observe social distance and use sanitizers when on board vehicles among other health directives by the government,” said Commissioner Kitiyo.
The CC said following the rise in infections in Mombasa where emergency hospital wards and Isolation centers have recorded full occupancy, the government would not wish for more people to fall victims and exert more pressure on the health systems further.
He confirmed 94 people have so far died from Covid in Mombasa with infections of over 3000 people so far.
Kitiyo said the over 3000 figure is based on the estimation since most people have not been tested with many people placed on home-based care.
The Commissioner said 94 deaths is not a joke and people are scared as he called on members of the public to observe the set health guidelines to prevent contracting the Covid-19 scourge.
He observed that the fluctuating numbers from daily reporting of the Covid pandemic has been occasioned by backlog in data after delays in testing.
He confirmed that only a few people flouting the Covid restrictions had been arrested and asked to produce the masks after which they will be released under warning.
Mr Kitiyo commended  long distance buses and Matatus for complying with the set directives encouraging the remaining few to follow suit by equipping their vehicles with sanitizers, instructing passengers to properly wear masks and maintain social distance.
The CC urged those with masks to wear t hem appropriately to cover nose and mouth as opposed to lowering it under the chin as witnessed.

By Joseph Kamolo 

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