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Machakos County speaker eyes gubernatorial seat

Machakos County Assembly Speaker, Florence Mwangangi, has hinted at the possibility of running for the Machakos gubernatorial seat in the forthcoming general elections.

Mwangangi who is serving her first term as Speaker, says she is confident of clinching the coveted seat after the exit of the current Governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua, going with her handling of the house business which has seen the passage of several key legislations, including the Climate and Finance Bill a month ago.

The Speaker made the announcements over the weekend during the funeral service of Alex Kitili’s mother in Kibauni Ward, Mwala Sub-county.

Kitili is a Member of the Machakos County Assembly Service Board was appointed by Dr. Mutua on September 10, 2019.

“I believe I have what it takes in running the affairs of this vast County as your next Governor going with my past achievement as the Speaker of the County Assembly. This can be demonstrated by the various bills that we have managed to pass during my tenure in the office including the recent legislation of a County Climate Law that calls for enhanced care for the environment in the face of changing global weather patterns,” she told the residents.

Mwangangi also urged the public to continue taking advantage of the ongoing rains by planting both fruit and indigenous trees as one way of mitigating the harsh effects of climate change.

She similarly warned the public against lowering their guards against the Covid-19 pandemic insisting the disease still remains a threat not only to the country but globally.

“Let us never forget that the Covid-19 disease is still here with us and killing people without discrimination. Consequently, let us adhere to all health protocols as advised by the government to make sure we keep this pandemic at bay,” appealed the Speaker.

Dr. Mutua assented to the Machakos County Finance Bill (2021) and the Machakos County Climate Change Bill (2021) on April 13 this year joining Busia County which had enacted the law earlier in the month.

During the approval of the new law the Governor said the legislation would guide the County on best practices on climate challenges through the Machakos Climate Act of 2021.

He is also said the law will help identify climate change as a critical component during the funding of new development projects by both local and external donors.

“This law will guide the County’s climate mitigation measures by providing a framework and developing strategic programs to manage climate change. It will facilitate the effective management of climate change impacts by enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening resilience, and reducing vulnerability to climate change. The Climate Act will also enable the County government to attract funding from donors who consider climate change legislation a key consideration for funding,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, residents of Utithini and Kyovanye, Kiathia villages in Mwala Sub-county are appealing to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) personnel to hunt an unknown predator that has mauled three goats to death over the last few days.

According to area Chief David Soo, the animal which villagers suspect to be a hyena struck at the home of Miriam Ngwatu last night and made away with the animals to an unknown location.

The remains of one of the mauled animals were later found strewn in nearby grazing field.

However,  he advised the residents to remain vigilant as he seeks the intervention of KWS to help track the strange animal.

By Samuel Maina

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