Muslims to Mark Eid Fete

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As Muslim faithful across the world prepares to celebrate Eid-ul- Fitr festivities after the holy month of Ramadhan, Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Waiguru, has donated assortment of foodstuff to the Muslim Community in the County.

About 340 Muslim families drawn from Kutus and Kagio received bales of chapatti flour and rice among other foodstuff.

Governor Waiguru on Tuesday evening handed over the food donation, which will be distributed, to the targeted groups by the county officials.

Waiguru address the Muslim leaders who she hosted at her residence in Kagio. Photo by Irungu Mwangi

“We did carry out enumeration in order to establish the number of the needy Muslim faithful that require our support. This was for a purpose of making sure that they happily join other faithful’s in the country in celebrating the important occasion,” Waiguru said.

She said after a thorough scrutiny, close to 340 families needed support. The foods, Waiguru said, would help in brightening their celebrations come this Friday when the community will be celebrating the Eid-al- Fitir.

The governor thanked the faithful for the support, they have accorded her administration as she assured them of her continued collaboration for the betterment of the lives of county residents.

“I want to thank all the Muslims leaders across the county for the good job they have been doing for the county residents. As we forge forward, my administration seeks to look into ways through which we can expand our cooperation so as to work together.” She said.

“Moving forward, we will have a point man who will act as a link between both parties and will offer effective communication for concerns that you have as one of the religious groups in the county,” said the Governor.

Waiguru spoke during a meal hosted at her Kagio rural home in honor of the Muslim leaders across the county.

The guests led by Gender Chief Officer Abdi Birik wished the county boss and the entire county workers well as they work to steer the county to greater heights.

He said that due to the challenges posed by Covid-19 that included loss of jobs, many of the faithful could not afford to celebrate as they did in previous years.

Birik said that the act by the Governor demonstrated her commitment to serving the people of Kirinyaga saying that many families could not have celebrated the event due to lack of food.

“We are thanking the governor for remembering us at these challenging times of Covid times. It is a demonstration of the Governor’s love for the Muslim community,” said Birik.

The religious leaders also urged political leaders in the county to cease from politics that could derail the development agenda of the county but instead put their acts together in performing their respective roles in order to take the county forward.

By Irungu Mwangi

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