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Machakos plans to construct dams in every Ward

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has promised to ensure there are two dams in every ward in Machakos that will increase agricultural produce and improve the lives of farmers in Machakos.

The governor lamented that the main problem in Machakos is the lack of water, so her government intends to harvest the incoming El Nino rains that will help the farmers and homesteads in Machakos county have better yields.

Wavinya, who was speaking during an ongoing public participation forum at the Chiefs camp in Mlolongo, said they are touring the whole county to gather public opinion, and so far they have covered 23 yards. The common issue is water, for which they plan to get a permanent solution soon.

“We are walking the journey with Machakos citizens, and they say water is the main problem, so we will build two dams in every ward and construct over 200 gabions along the rivers, and we will engage the public in their construction,” said Wavinya.

The Governor said that her government is preparing the Annual Development Plan for 2024-2025, and that’s why they are incorporating the views of the public in the document in every ward through public participation.

She said they have to walk hand in hand with the citizens so that they can know their needs, listen to the challenges they are facing, and find ways to solve them together.

The governor noted that the budget is planned according to public needs so that the needs of the people are catered for in the budget.

She urged Machakos leaders to stop politics and embark on serving the people of Machakos because, come 2027, they will be required to give a report of their developments from the moment they were elected.

By Anne Kangero

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