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Make learning institutions an ICT hubs-Bungoma legislator

Bungoma County Senator-elect David Wafula Wakoli wants universities and technical training institutions to be made ICT centers to empower students in their various disciplines of study.

He argued that the internet gives the youth opportunities to access the government and other websites for information.

Speaking in Bungoma on Wednesday, Wakoli said that with the world being transformed into an e-hub, there is need to first turn our universities into leading ICT centres to empower the youth.

He said that today unlike in the past, many people are depending on the internet for learning and business.

He thanked the residents for electing him as the Senator noting that during campaigns he used technology to reach out to his supporters that he could not reach physically.

“Technology has played a very key role in my campaigns, giving me great victory,” Wakoli added.

Wakoli said that ICT has also played a crucial role in the business world adding that people can now transact business across the world using the internet.

“With the digitized world, people can do business across countries as it has also made communication easy,” he said.

He said that during the Covid-19 lockdown, technology played an important role where schools that had strong internet access weren’t affected by the pandemic as tutors were able to proceed with the lessons online.

Wakoli said that the use of ICT in education allows for new ways of learning for students and teachers.

He said that e-learning is becoming increasingly popular and with various unprecedented events taking place in life, students have direct access to curriculum materials.

Wakoli said e-learning also allows students who are unable to attend the classroom physically due to ailments to study from home.

By Ibrahim Wekhuyi

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