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Man crushed to death by elephant in Samburu

A 23 year old man was last Wednesday morning trampled to death by a herd of elephant at Loidongo area, some 7 Km from Maralal town in Samburu County.

Confirming the incident, Senior Warden, Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), Samburu County, Mr. Tom Amisi Amulavu, told KNA that the deceased was on his way towards Maralal town when he met his death.

Mr. Amisi further disclosed that the place where the victim was killed is one of elephant’s corridors normally used by the animals to other sanctuaries.

The Senior Warden cautioned the area residents to always be watchful and extreme careful    when using or crossing the animal’s corridors.

Mr. Amisi said the deceased was removed from the scene and taken to the Maralal Level Five Referral Hospital mortuary waiting postmortem.

The Senior Warden said in the recent past wild animals including hundreds of the Jumbos have flooded the area, particularly along Kirisia Forest and the environs.

He, therefore, advised the people to be extra vigilant while inside the animal’s pathways but to also report incidents surroundings.

Mr. Amisi warned residents that they risk their lives crossing dangerous animal corridors as hundreds of elephants have recently increase in number in the area.

By Lelendu Petikas


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