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Kenya Ferry assures of safety measures at ocean crossing points

The Coast Civil Societies Chairman, Zedekiah Daki (centre in whitish shirt) during a tour of the Coast General Hospital on Wednesday March 18, 2020. Photo by Joseph Kamolo/KNA.
The Coast Civil Societies Chairman, Zedekiah Daki during a tour of the Coast General Hospital on Wednesday March 18, 2020 accompanied by the HAKI Africa’s Chairperson, Khalid Hussein (centre). Photo by Joseph Kamolo/KNA.

The  Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) Managing Director (MD), Bakari Gowa has assured ferry users that adequate measures had been put in place to counter the spread of the coronavirus infections among users the Indian Ocean crossing points.

Speaking at the Likoni ferry channel on Wednesday, Bakari stated that the stringent measures that included setting up a sufficient hand washing spots at both sides of the ferry with water and detergents to facilitate hygiene among the thousands of ferry users.

He said in an effort to ensure the measures were implemented to the later, there would be a multi-agency approach with both National and County governments and civil societies giving support to the success of the critical area.

The MD added that the ferry would observe safety measures, including maintaining the recommended carrying capacity of the ferry as opposed to overloading where transmission of the virus could affect more people.

He urged ferry users to make appropriate use of the hand-washing facilities prudently and maintain safe distances since the ferry would be carrying limited people to guarantee safe distance order.

The  Mombasa Civil Society Organizations Chairperson, Zedekiah Daki has commended the government’s efforts taken so far in the preparedness against the spread of coronavirus pandemic at the coast region.

Speaking at the Coast General Hospital during a tour of isolation wards, the Chairperson urged coastal residents to take seriously safety measures established to avert the spread of the pandemic.

Daki called upon coastal leadership both at National and the County level to step up sensitization of the public about the dreaded coronavirus disease, adding that there was need to initiate door to door campaigns to pass true and relevant information to the residents.

“Authorities need to pass constant messages regarding the pandemic to the masses, including using public address systems and door to door campaigns on the importance of hygiene, and mode of transmission of this dangerous disease,” he observed.

Daki urged the government to implement and continue enforcing counter strategies and guidelines they have given to the public so as to avert catastrophe hitting the country.

The Civil Societies Activist condemned the County Assemblies, Parliamentarians and Senators for taking a break from their deliberations instead of providing Kenyans with leadership towards tackling the spread of the pandemic.

He called on the government to ban all international flights from landing in Mombasa’s Moi International Airport and instead redirect them to Nairobi where there is enough human resource to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Daki challenged the police to act professionally since many cases revolved around their work and at their stations, particularly at this period when the courts were not in session, warning that they would not close forever for justice must prevail at all times.

The  HAKI Africa Chief Executive, Khalid Hussein pleaded with members of the public to wash their hands at the ferry crossing and desist from making irresponsible and arrogant utterances, as some who were overheard dismissing handwashing, saying they could not wash hands since they were not in a Mosque.

By  Joseph  Kamolo

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