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Parents urged to sensitize children on covid-19

Yatta Deputy County Commissioner James Lewa has asked parents to protect their children   and make sure they know their whereabouts, since it will be very easy to spread coronavirus if they start loitering aimlessly.

He said it is important for parents to exercise strictness during the time the children are at home for the Midterm break by encouraging social distancing, as well as following other Government guidelines of sanitizing and wearing masks.

Lewa was speaking to journalists in his office in Yatta in Machakos County as he insisted that the midterm break is very dangerous if the children are exposed and go back to infect others in school.

“It is important for children who are on the midterm break to observe Corona guidelines by the help of their parents. They should also be mindful of the curfew hours to avoid getting in trouble,” said Lewa.

He added that Yatta Sub County has lost several people to the virus and it is upon all of them to unite and follow the stipulated guidelines while adhering to the curfew rules.

Lewa said he has instructed Assistant Chiefs, Sub Chiefs and Village elders to help spread the message to the public under their jurisdiction on what is expected of them.

“I have met with all the Chiefs and Village elders and we have agreed to spread the word to everyone that Corona is getting worse. It does not choose who to attack so take care of everyone in your family,” added Lewa.

He further noted that currently there are around 1,000 vaccines in Matuu level 4, which have been distributed to Kathiani, Kisiki, Katangi Yikombe and Kithimani locations for people to be vaccinated.

He implored on church goers and Muslims to follow the rules and avoid crowding during prayers because anyone found breaking the Covid-19 rules will be arrested and charged.

Earlier in June, Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo cautioned the locals against violating the government’s directives on combating Covid-19, saying the pandemic is real and wiping out Kenyans of all social classes.

“Whatever you do, please take the necessary precautions since the disease is wiping Kenyans even in rural places. Even in our village, we always have funerals every week despite being a very small area. Whatever you do, always remember that Covid-19 is real,” said the MP as he addressed mourners in Yatta.

By Ann Kangero

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