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Man Electrocuted in Mwingi

Mwingi Central OCPD, John Nyamu has confirmed the death of a man who was electrocuted last Friday while operating a faulty high pressure car wash machine.

Nyamu said that he was aware of the incident and had already sent a team there to collect the body and undertake investigations in trying to understand what really caused the death.

The OCPD cautioned residents against making illegal electric connections that may pose danger to themselves or other users and called on Kenya Power to take action against those flouting legal provisions.

Police, who have not yet identified the name of the deceased, collected the body from the scene and took it to Mwingi Level4 Hospital for preservation and post-mortem examination.

The young man, who was working at Dickson Kyalo’s car wash business had only worked for a couple of months before he met his untimely death.

Speaking at the scene, Kyalo said that preliminary investigations indicated that the high pressure car wash machine had malfunctioned after developing mechanical problems leading to the electrocution of his worker.

“The young man has been working for me for a quite a while now. I was called while still at home and informed that my employee had been electrocuted. I immediately rushed there, only to find that he was no more,” added Kyalo.

By Yobesh Onwong’a



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