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Man in the dock for manslaughter

A man who admitted to manslaughter charges for unintentionally killing his friend after coming from a drinking spree will have to wait a little longer to know his fate.

Molo Chief Magistrate, Elena Nderitu directed the production of a social inquiry report before the accused, Stanley Kipkoech mitigates and is sentenced by the court.

Kipkoech was charged with committing the offence on 6th September 2019 where he unlawfully killed David Rotich at Kiptagich location in Kuresoi South sub-county.

The court heard on the material day, the two friends arrived at Kipkoech’s house while drunk and had a disagreement before retiring to bed.

The duo fought each other that prompted Kipkoech to be angered and hence took a small wooden cooking spoon and hit Rotich severally on his head. They both later cooled down their anger and slept.

On the following day, Kipkoech woke up as usual and as Rotich took longer to wake up, he decided to tap him but to his surprise there was no response at all.

Shocked at the unfolding events in his house, he alerted his neighbours and members of the public who in turn tied him up, detained him in his house before calling the police.

Police arrived at the scene and found the lifeless body of Rotich, with blood oozing from the head.

Investigations commenced and from the postmortem results, it indicated that the deceased succumbed due to excessive bleeding from an injury sustained on his head.

The case was adjourned to 3rd October 2019 when there will be mention to give further direction on the matter.

By Emily Kadzo

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