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Man munches loaf in three minutes to scoop a trophy

A sports extravaganza organised to promote domestic tourism in Siaya County saw a man munch a loaf of bread in three minutes to scoop the Audrey Golf resort trophy.

Billy Graham of Team Audrey Golf resort munched his way into the championship, taking three minutes and 45 seconds to clear the loaf of bread with two 300 ml bottles of soda.

He beat his closest rival, Gershon Omusula who cleared his a minute later to settle for the second position

In swimming competition, Siaya based club swimmer, Wycliffe Mulati emerged the winner in the male category, as club mate, and Mary Gorety scooped the ladies’ category.

Visiting teams, Flipping Tyres and Local Tourist 254 emerged winners in dancing competition and Tug of war respectively.

During the event, the teams also hiked Got Akara hill in Siaya where they were flagged off by former Siaya Governor, Cornel Rasanga.

Rasanga challenged the government to support the development of untapped tourist sites in the county.

The former governor said that though the county was endowed with numerous tourism potential, efforts have not been made to exploit them hence denying both the county and national governments revenue.

He cited Got Akara hills and the nearby Africa’s second largest Ox- Bow lake, lake Kanyaboli as areas that attract many local and international tourists if the national government can invest in their development.

“If we give it some small punch, it will be an attraction that will be able to generate revenue for both county government of Siaya and the country,” said the former governor.

Addressing the occasion, Siaya county government’s chief officer for tourism, Elizabeth Oduor said the county had a unique ecosystem that includes five lakes, Sare, Kanyaboli, Namboyo, Lake Bob and Lake Victoria that tourists can enjoy.

The chief officer urged Kenyans to embrace local tourism and help grow the economy of different parts of the country.

“Tourism is one way of growing the economy of our country and when you come here, you help support the local economy as you spend and leave your money here,” she told the tourists.

By Philip Onyango

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