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Man sentenced to 30 years in jail for murder

A  middle aged man has been convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison by a Chuka Court.

Japheth Gitonga alias Mukima was found guilty of the capital offence after the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that he caused the death of one Alex Mawira on May 16, 2017.

Delivering the ruling at the Chuka High Court on Tuesday, Justice Robert Limo said that the court had considered all the parties in the case, and it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that the accused had committed the offense.

“The court today finds you guilty of murder for causing the death of Alex Mawira on 16 May 2017, which you committed at Kalewa market. According to testimonies by the ten witnesses fronted by the prosecution, and according to your arguments, the court has proven beyond reasonable doubt that you committed the offense as alleged,” read part of the judgement by Justice Limo.

The  High Court Judge went ahead to pronounce the 30 year sentence and the convict was informed of his right of appeal within 14 days.

Gitonga was said to have stabbed Mawira with a knife on the left part of the lower abdomen after an argument ensued over Sh30 betting stake that the deceased had loaned the accused.

Mawira met his death as he tried to seek his refund of Sh.30 from Gitonga which the latter protested against. The request turned into a heated altercation culminating in Mawira being stabbed to death.

By  Domenic Ntoogo/David Mutwiri

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