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Man slapped with life imprisonment for defiling minor

A 32-year-old man, initially convicted by a Loitoktok law court for defiling a nine-year-old girl will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Samuel Ndotoi Somoire first appeared before Principal Magistrate Judicaster Nthuku charged with defiling the minor at Enduet Rombo location in Loitokitok Sub County on 8th July this year.

The nine-year-old girl narrated to the court that on the material day after closing school, she was sent by her mother to nearby shop operated by Ndotoi to buy sugar.

Upon reaching the shop made of iron-sheet, the accused instructed her to get into the shop and demanded her to undress and when she hesitated he grabbed her and undressed her.

The minor further added that the accused closed her mouth to prevent her from making noise or crying out for help before proceeding to defile her.

In addition, the complainant narrated that the accused took the Sh200 meant to purchase sugar and neither gave her the item nor the money, but told her to go home and wash the clothes that she was wearing, while threating to poison her if she shared the ordeal with her mother.

When schools were opened later in July, Anastacia Mashindana who is a volunteer children’s officer in Rombo picked the minor back to Nice Foundation, where she secured a scholarship for her since the family is needy and her mother is mentally challenged.

It is while at Nice Foundation that Mashindana received reports from school that the minor had problems while urinating and she was taken to hospital in Kimana town.

According to Jennifer Nayieso who works as a matron at Nice Foundation, apart from the ailment the complainant’s behaviour had changed and upon interrogation she revealed the defilement incident to the matron before the accused was arrested later and taken to Rombo police Station.

Somoire was later arraigned at the Loitoktok law court where he denied the allegations.

In his defence, the father of three who denied the charges claimed that on the material day he didn’t open his shop and the girl was framing him.

The court refuted his claim of been framed saying the accused did not give reason for being framed, adding that the girl never contradicted herself during the court session.

The court found the prosecution had proved the case beyond reasonable doubt, hence the conviction.

Pre-sentencing report from office of Probation indicated that the accused was sacked as a watchman from Rombo for having relationships with the school girls.

In her sentencing, Nthuku said for the safety of children the accused will serve life imprisonment.

The accused has 14 days to appeal against the sentence.

By Kaaka Koromo and Kimani Tirus 

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