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Mandera Aims to give anti-cholera jabs to 176,000 residents

The Mandera County government has initiated an Oral Cholera Vaccination Campaign with the goal of reaching at least 175,575 individuals in Mandera East Sub County.

Governor Mohamed Kalif stated that the vaccination campaign is in response to the ongoing cholera outbreak that has affected Mandera East for the past seven months.

During this period, 2,263 patients have been admitted to cholera treatment centers, and tragically, 15 deaths have occurred, leading to the closure of markets and hotels, which has had a severe impact on the local economy.

The cholera outbreak has disproportionately affected vulnerable populations, including children, pregnant women, and individuals with limited access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

Governor Kalif expressed his concern about the devastating effects of these recurrent cholera outbreaks on families, livelihoods, and communities, prompting the need for urgent action.

To address any concerns about the safety of the oral vaccine, the governor assured the public that the drug underwent rigorous testing and has been proven to be both safe and effective in preventing cholera infection.

The vaccination exercise began on Thursday, August 3, and will run until Saturday, August 12, as announced by Mohamed Omar, the County Health Department Executive Committee Member.

Omar urged the public to actively participate in the campaign by getting vaccinated.

The vaccination campaign targets all individuals above the age of one year who are at risk of contracting cholera if exposed, aiming to achieve 100 percent vaccination coverage.

Mandera County faces an inherent risk of cholera due to its proximity to Somalia and Ethiopia, underscoring the importance of this mass vaccination effort to protect the health and well-being of its residents.

By Adan Mohamed

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