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Mandera holds MTP forum

The  Cooperatives Principal Secretary (PS), Ali  Noor  has asked Mandera leaders to upscale efforts in realizing the country’s vision 2030 blueprint dream.

Noor said the country will not realize the vision without efforts from all citizens as the Jubilee government strategizes to achieve goals enshrined in the big four development agenda.

On  manufacturing, the  PS who  was speaking during the launch of the Mandera county Medium Term Plan (MTP) III said the country has achieved 15 per cent of the projected target.

On  food security he said Mandera should put more land under irrigation and asked the county government to fast track its efforts in helping farmers produce more food for sale and sustainability.

He disclosed the country is on the right track of constructing 500, 000 affordable housing units by 2022.

The county government was asked to assist in giving residents affordable healthcare under the universal health coverage agenda.

Mandera County lags behind in infrastructural development especially poor roads which are impassable during rainy seasons.

Besides, only 3000 households are connected to piped water with many residents depending on donkey drawn carts, water boozers and pans.

Area  County  Commissioner (CC), Kutswa Olaka said the county has made big strides in restoring runaway insecurity in the region.

Olaka  said the county security team with help of residents has contained violent extremism that had in the past posed a security threat, adding that  no meaningful development can be realized without security.

The CC said the frequent inter clan clashes that threatened to tear the county apart have been contained with communities living harmoniously.

By  Dickson  Githaiga

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