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Mandera women and youths get NGAAF funds to boost business

Several  women groups, youth and the disabled persons are the latest beneficiaries of Sh.7.5 million from the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF).

Under  the empowerment programme, beneficiaries are funded to boost their businesses.

“We are launching this programme to economically empower women, youth and persons living with disabilities in Mandera,” said the Mandera Women Rep, Amina  Gedow.

Ms. Gedow  urged the beneficiaries to maximise on the funding they get to improve their living conditions through economic activities.

“NGAAF is about women and the vulnerable in society and despite the little allocation, it will be better to properly use scarce resources to help ourselves,” she said.

Each  of  the seven-sub counties in Mandera benefited from the kitty after its launch in Takaba, Mandera West  on Saturday.

“I have to ensure at least every group gets something across the county and that is why I have been reaching out to all in the county,” the women rep said.

At  least  553 students in secondary schools and colleges also got Sh. 3.7 million from the kitty.

“We have to make sure we give education priority and that is why we have to keep children from poor backgrounds in schools through sponsorships,” Ms. Gedow said.

While  speaking at Aresa Girls Secondary School in Mandera East, the Women rep. urged parents not to marry off their girls but allow them to get a learning opportunity.

“Education is the key to success and parents have to play the role of safeguarding our girls against early marriages,” she said.

According to Ms. Gedow, the county is experiencing a shortage of qualified staff because locals have ignored formal education for long.

“We have to change our mentality and get our children to schools so that we can plug the gap of lack of teachers in our schools and shortage of doctors in out hospitals,” she said.

By  Dickson Githaiga

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