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Mandera Women eyeing For Top Political Positions

Women in Mandera have vowed to elect their fellow women in the next general elections to political positions that are currently predominantly occupied by men.

The women drawn from different parts of Mandera County have promised to put aside the conservative culture that has sidelined them in elective positions for decades.

In the last general elections women emerged in the political domain which has in the past been a preserve for men particularly in marginalized North Eastern part of the county where society does not believe in women leadership.

Led by Ummul Kheir nominated MCA, they acknowledged that this time round they are united more than before and nothing will stop them from settling for top elective positions in the county.

They said women and youths encounter so many challenges which they believe can only be understood and solved by passionate leadership. They believe in Women leadership which bring blessings, trust and success in their communities.

Kheir said that women have the majority votes in the county and as mothers and sisters to youths they can as well influence their votes.

She added that women bring new perspectives, raise issues that others overlook and listen to those that others ignore.

The nominated MCA said the Mandera County have able women who can vie for top elective positions.

“We have many women eyeing political position predominantly occupied by men, we can be governors, senators and MPs, it’s a good gesture, that women who society viewed as conservative have taken a stand on supporting women leadership, we feel that when elected we can have better results and a better society,” said Kheir

“It’s notable that despite the significant gains women have made in recent years, they still face barriers to their participation in active politics in the country,” she added

By Charles Matacho

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