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Mandera workers warned of nepotism

Mandera Governor, Ali Roba has warned County government staff against tribalism while delivering services to residents.
He warned that the era when civil servants took sides in relation to clan and political inclinations was long gone.
Mr. Roba said in his second and last term in office, he will not entertain clan-based politics to derail his development agenda.
“Any officer who will be found offering services based on clan or political leanings will be sacked. I mean this because this is a new era,” he said.
The governor was addressing Sub-county and town administrators at a Mandera hotel during an induction course on Tuesday.
“In my last term, there is no politics or clan leaning. If you underperform, no elder will defend you. I have no room for non-performers,” he said.
In his first term, Roba faced difficulties in dealing with rogue staff who enjoyed protection from clan elders who had recommended their appointments.
By Dickson Githaiga

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