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Marakwet East Farmers Receive 600 Bags of Subsidized Fertilizer

The delivery of 600 bags of subsidized fertilizer has been made to Marakwet East in Elgeyo Marakwet County, a significant boost to local farmers in the region.

The delivery, a part of the government’s “last mile program,” was well-received by the farming community in Sambirir Ward and signifies a positive step towards enhancing agricultural productivity in the area.

County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture (CECM) Mr. Edwin Seroney, who has been instrumental in overseeing the program’s implementation, expressed his satisfaction with the delivery.

The fertilizer, delivered at the Chesoi cereal store, is part of a larger initiative by the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to make fertilizer readily available to farmers at their doorsteps.

This innovative approach aims to reduce the hurdles farmers often face in obtaining this essential agricultural input.

Serony said that similar deliveries will soon reach other wards in the Marakwet East region, including Kibendo (Emsoo Ward), Labot (Lelan), Kapyego, Kocholwo, Arror (Arror Ward), and Kapkitony (Kabiemit Ward).

The Chesoi cereal store, in particular, will be a central distribution point for farmers residing in Endo, Embobut-Embolot, parts of Kapyego, and Sambirir Wards.

Seroney urged farmers to take full advantage of this opportunity during this rainy season, and asked them to plant short-term crops that could lead to increased yields.

Regarding the future supply of fertilizer, the CECM said that the quantity of the next consignment would be determined based on the uptake of the current stock, indicating the government’s commitment to ensuring that the needs of local farmers are met.

A Local farmer Mr. Willy Komen, who hails from Sambirir Ward, expressed his gratitude for the initiative.

He emphasized the significance of the Chesoi store, which will help farmers save time and money that would otherwise be spent traveling to Kapsowar town, approximately 30 kilometers away, to purchase fertilizer.

Komen said thanks to the subsidized fertilizer, he had seen a considerable increase in his maize yield, producing 16 bags compared to the usual 10 bags.

Chair of the Sambirir Farmers’ Cooperative Society Mr. John Biwott echoed these sentiments and said the distribution of fertilizers to their doorsteps was a godsend, something that many farmers had never expected.

Biwott emphasized the potential for the program to lead to a marked increase in agricultural production in the region.

North Rift NCPB Regional Manager Mr. Gilbert Rotich said that Elgeyo Marakwet County has already demonstrated a high level of fertilizer uptake during the previous planting season.

He assured the farmers that the stores would be restocked as soon as they were depleted, indicating a commitment to ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of fertilizers.

The innovative “last mile program” not only aims to improve accessibility to subsidized fertilizers for farmers but also represents a broader commitment by the government to support and boost agricultural productivity.

The positive response from local farmers in Elgeyo Marakwet is indicative of the program’s potential to create a substantial impact on the region’s agriculture sector. As deliveries continue to roll out and more farmers reap the benefits, there is hope for increased food security and economic prosperity in the area.

By Rennish Okong’o

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