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Youth’s entrepreneurship vis avi informal jobs

While scores of young people countrywide are scrambling for white collar jobs, some in Kiambu County are focused on the informal sector to eke a living.

Speaking to KNA from his garage located in Kiambu town, George Kahiga said that most of the people who ask for employment from his business are youths. Some of them are even graduates and don’t even mind working with him while clad in the overalls as what was important was wages for a job well done.

He added that he prefers to employ the youths because they are hardworking and innovative and that once set on a customer’s motor vehicle, they work even beyond lunch hour so that they maintain confidence with their clients.

In kang’ang’i market, many youths have set up their small businesses like selling clothes, fruits and shoes. Speaking to a fruit vendor Mwihaki said that she although at first as she was starting the business, she was afraid of what people will say about her today but today she is proud of her business because through the profit she gets from it she has achieved a lot. She added that the business pays her rent of 5,000 and that she is able to pay fees for both of her 2 daughters and even up keep money for the family.

A group of motorcycle owners who operate within the heart of Kiambu said that they first started as employees where they were given a motor cycle by the employers and each day they gave their employers 300 shillings but through their hard work and savings and they now own a motorcycle each and they are making enough money for their family and savings to the tune of 15,000 shillings per month.

They are encouraging the youths in other parts of the county to not sit down and complain that there are no jobs but to take any job they get even if it’s not what they expected to do. They also asked the youths to stay away from crime and drug abuse so that they can contribute to nation building in their small way saying “haba na haba hujaza kibaba”

Although the government gives youth funds that are meant to help their business grow, most of them said that they are not aware of the funds and they have never benefitted from it.

They also said that they would like the government of Kiambu to offer them with free technical courses like carpentry, mechanic, masonry and others in order to keep the remaining unemployed youths in kiambu busy and reduce the crime rates in the town.

The National Government County director for Youth affairs in Kiambu Ms Jacinta Migwi on her part impressed on the youth to continue being innovative and be ready to engage at all levels. She however advised them to be on the lookout for job opportunities from all sectors so as to actualize the big 4 agenda of the president.


By Lydia shiloya and Felista Wanjiku


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