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Marakwet West constituency launches Sh.523 million strategic plan

The  Marakwet West National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has launched a Sh.523 million strategic plan  for the years 2018-2022.

The  bulk of  the money  Sh.120 million will go towards the payment of bursaries with  the constituency embarking on the screening and identification of the most vulnerable students from all the wards who  will  benefit for partial or full scholarship.

“The  constituency plans to establish a vibrant data base for all needy students in secondary, tertiary and university
colleges,” says  the plan launched by the area MP, William Kisang at the Kapsowar  NG-CDF offices.

It  adds  that inadequate infrastructure in the education sector which leads to inadequate capacity has affected the
transition  from primary to secondary schools in the constituency which stands at 90 per cent against the aspired 100 per  cent while transition from secondary  to  university is 11.5 per cent.

The  constituency will therefore spend Sh.84 million for the construction of classrooms in both primary and secondary schools to increase the capacity while Sh.42 million will be used to construct modern laboratories.

The  NG-CDF will also construct dormitories at a cost of Sh.32 million while a similar amount will be used to construct latrines in both primary and secondary schools to ensure students learn in a conducive atmosphere.

A  total of 12 secondary schools will also benefit from the purchase of buses with Sh.84 million set aside for the same, while  Sh.1.5 million will be used to buy lightening arrestors in schools in areas prone to lightening.

The  constituency according to the plan suffers from massive environmental degradation through encroachment of forests  and riparian lands and lack of sustainable measures for re-afforestation leading  to mudslides and lightening.

“These  environmental challenges have led to food insecurity especially in Arror ward and prolonged drought causing  death of livestock,” the plan says.

Under  the plan Sh.3.5 million will be  spent to plant trees in public schools, chiefs’ offices and hills in addition to
purchasing  and installation of water tanks to maintain  the trees.

Noting  that  insecurity especially in Arror ward was a threat to the implementation of development projects, the
constituency will construct a police station and two police posts at a cost of Sh.25 million in a bid to enhance

The  NG-CDF has also set aside Sh.30 million for the construction of 20 chiefs’ offices and two assistant county
commissioner’s offices while a further Sh.1 million will be used for the provision of sanitary facilities.

A further Sh.15.6 million will be used to construct Information Communication Technology (ICT) laboratories in schools and establishment of ICT hubs for the community in a bid to increase the youth uptake of online businesses and also lower the  cost of doing business.

“This  will  ensure access to internet services to facilitate flow of information and increase employment opportunities,” the plan outlined.

By  Alice  Wanjiru

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