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Marsabit Religious leaders call for peaceful coexistence among communities

Muslim clerics in Saku Constituency, Marsabit County will be conducting prayers at local mosques to pray for peace and tranquility in the area.

The area is currently experiencing a spate of cattle rustling and robbery incidences, a situation which has created anxiety among residents, especially in Marsabit town

Led by the Marsabit County Interfaith Council Vice Chairperson, Sheikh Mohammed Nur, Imams from the Constituency said they would be submitting to God the desire for peaceful coexistence among Marsabit residents through special prayers at the places of worship for one month starting yesterday, Thursday, May 27, 2021.

They called on communities to love one another and to maintain good relations and harmonious co-existence despite their cosmopolitan composition.

The religious leaders petitioned the government to play a more active role in dealing with those supporting ethnic conflicts.

The clerics who had held a consultative meeting with the media at the Muslim Agency Centre also censured agents of crime and urged residents to eschew violence.

The fraternity urged the media to assist in the process by airing positive messages about peace.

Sheikh Nur said that perpetrators of hostile activities stood condemned and cautioned them, they risked attracting wrath from God for meting atrocities against innocent residents.

“We censure all those involved in crime,” he said, and lamented that the lawlessness had occasioned great losses in terms of lives and property.

The announcement was viewed as appropriate by the clerics as it coincided with the National Prayers Day that was being held in Nairobi.

By Sebastian Miriti

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