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Murang’a South slated to get modern law court

Residents of Murang’a South Sub County are set to benefit from accessing judicial services closer home upon completion of a proposed bigger and modern law court.

Maragua MP Mary Waithera on Thursday led a team of quantity surveyors in inspecting a piece of land within the Sub County headquarters compound in Kenol where an ultra-modern law courts will be put up.

This comes months after the recently renovated Kenol court at the Sub County headquarters was handed over to the Judiciary.

The MP disclosed that the court will cost Sh130 million and would be partly funded by the CDF kitty. “From the local NG-CDF, Sh14 million has been set aside in the financial year ending June to kick start the construction of a modern court,” noted Waithera adding that a further similar amount will be set aside in the next financial year.

She expressed optimism that Judiciary will chip in and allocate the remaining amount so as not to deplete the CDF kitty.

She confirmed that the funds were ready and only a few modalities like completion of the architectural works, and bill of quantities are remaining to start the construction.

“I’m hopeful that the county government planners and quantity surveyors will move with speed to complete the basics on the one and half acre piece of land where the court will be built so that the ground breaking ceremony coincide with the opening of the new court in Kenol,” the MP said.

Notably the opening of Kenol court that increases the number of courts in the county to five had been slated for May but was postponed due to the recently concluded interviews for the recruitment of a new Chief Justice in the country. “Now that we have a new Chief justice, we are hopeful that soon we will be given a date for the official opening of the law courts” The MP further noted.

The first time MP said establishing a court in Kenol was necessitated by a plea from residents who were forced to travel to Kigumo Sub County to access justice which was not only time consuming but expensive as well.

Another factor that necessitated the court establishment is the increase of population in the fast-growing Kenol town and the upcoming dual carriage that links Kenol and Marua in Nyeri. “Murang’a south is quite expansive and therefore it is paramount to have a court that can be able to handle all arising cases,” she said.

By Florence Kinyua

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