Matatu operators compelled to turn to certificates issued by County Multi Agency Covid Response Team

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Matatu operators in Kilifi County have been compelled to do away with the initial covid-19 compliance certificates issued by the Ministry of Health in March 2020 and apply for new certificates issued by the County Multi Agency Covid Response Team.
County security team led by area County Commissioner Kutswa Olaka held a meeting Monday with matatu owners and drivers in a move to address Covid-19 compliance in the public sector.
Matatu owners with their drivers are to manually fill the forms available at the County traffic department before they are issued with the compliance certificates unlike since March when they used to download the forms from cyber café, fill and submit to the Covid-19 Response Team for approval.
Indiscipline cases among drivers and conductors were raised, with concern to part-time drivers popularly referred to as ‘squad’ who have been the main contributors of road accidents along the roads.
Olaka who addressed the media after the meeting warned the operators that their failure to comply with new regulations will lead to tough legal action as the Multi- Agency team commences crackdown to arrest defaulters.
“It is now time for our drivers to adhere to all traffic rules to protect themselves and the public against Covid-19 as we approach New Year. Stern action will be taken against those defying the regulations,” he said.
He said the crackdown will be conducted by the multi-agency team to avoid incidences where police officers are compromised to forgive the offenders even after they have broken the rules.
Olaka emphasized that social distancing should be observed in all public vehicles as it has been observed that the sector is among others which is not following the Covid-19 regulations as the rush for holidays continues.

By Harrison Yeri

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