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Matiangi Wants Politics Out of  Kazi Mtaani program

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i has asked politicians to stop criticizing the Kazi Mtaani program as it has accorded thousands of youths work in urban towns.

Speaking when he presided over the  opening two newly refurbished police stations at Mweiga and Narumoru, in Kieni Constituency, Nyeri, CS Matiang’i said it was unfortunate that some MPs and Governors were disapproving the program that has benefited thousands of youths in the country.

Some MPs and Governors have been quoted in some sections of the media criticizing the initiative with some arguing that only a handful had benefitted.

He challenged them to instead initiate their own programs to accommodate more youths who are still unemployed. “Leaders especially Governors and MPs should not criticize this initiative but rather should embark on starting their own for instance Kazi Vijijini,” said the CS.

Matiang’i said it was not possible for the national government to accommodate all the youth in the country in the program and it was thus prudent for leaders at the local level to chip in.

Meanwhile, the CS called on leaders to stop engaging in 2022 succession politics and focus on rendering services to the electorate and supporting President Kenyatta’s development agenda.

The CS said engaging in premature politics would only serve to hurt the country’s economy and derail development.

“Even the Bible says there is time for everything,” noted the CS, adding that leaders should at the moment work towards bettering the lives of Kenyans.

His sentiments were echoed by other leaders present including Kieni MP, Kanini Kega, who said the heightened political temperatures and activities were an impediment to the economic growth of the country.

“We have seen some leaders doing campaigns every day to secure some positions in 2022. Who told them that they will be even around by that time,” the MP said.

By Samuel Waititu

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