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Woman Reconnects with father after six years

Tears of joy flowed freely as Ms. Virginia Silole reconnected with her father after six years of separation.

Ms. Silole who is in her mid-30s separated with her father Mr. Emanuel Silole in 2014 when he was involved in a road accident that paralyzed him, and left him on a wheelchair.

She said since the accident occurred, she was blocked from seeing her father by her uncles who hid him in a dark room in their home at Ololoito area in Narok North Sub County.

Ms. Virginia Silole and her father Mr. Emanuel Silole at the Narok County Referral Hospital today

Even as the only child of mzee Silole, the middle-aged woman said her efforts to reach him were futile as her uncles put her off.

“I suspect that my uncles were blocking me from seeing my father because I am the only child and my father has over 10 acres of land that he could probably give to me,” she said.

Ms. Silole narrated that she was forced to report the matter to police who helped her in rescuing her father from a pathetic condition he has been living under.

“My mother passed on many years ago leaving me with only my father as my immediate relative. I am perturbed to see how horrible he has been living and yet I am alive,” said Ms. Silole.

The middle aged businesswoman was forced to rent a house in Total estate of Narok town but kept her hope high that she would reunite with her father sometime.

Narok North Sub County Police commandant Frederick Kinabei who rescued the 80-year-old man said the daughter had filed a complaint in his office claiming that the father was living in a horrible state and that she was not allowed to visit him.

Upon visiting their homestead, Kinabei said he found the sickly man living in inhuman conditions in a dirty dark room.

“The dark room he was living in was fusty and had a stinking smell. It is illegal to put someone in such a state without giving him a chance to even sunbath,” said the police boss.

They spoke at Narok County Referral Hospital yesterday where Mr. Silole was taken after being rescued.

By Ann Salaton

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