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Mbwajumwali location in Lamu unlikely to have any new Chief soon

(Left to Right) the Lamu County Commissioner, Macharia Irungu, the Coast Regional Commissioner, John  Elung’ata and the Coast Regional Police Commander, Rashid Yakub attend a security baraza in which they addressed Mbwajumwali residents over the state of insecurity in the area on Tuesday December 17, 2019. Photo by KNA.
The Lamu County Commissioner, Macharia Irungu addressing Mbwajumwali residents, in Lamu East over insecurity woes affecting the area  on Tuesday December 17, 2019 . Photo by KNA.

Residents of  Mbwajumwali village have been given seven days’ grace period to aid police in investigations leading to the arrest of perpetrators behind the gruesome killing of a local Chief and his Assistant two weeks ago.

Speaking  in  Mbwajumwali  village  on Tuesday, after a security baraza was held in the area by Regional and County security chiefs with local residents, the  Coast Regional Commissioner (RC), John  Elung’ata further warned that failure to reveal the killers behind the ‘midday murders’ would lead to the National Government deploying the General Service Unit to the village.

“We already have a brief as to what transpired and from our independent sources the killers were working in cahoots with others who acted as a look-out while the killings were being done,” Elung’ata stated.

The  RC  further said that until the killers are apprehended, the National Government will not be hiring any chief or an assistant in the area, which would lead to the lack of government services.

So far the area has claimed the lives of three chiefs, a police constable and a Red Cross worker all who have been killed within a two-year timeline.

He also said that the insecurity within the area had degenerated to an extent that even the Peace Governor’s Cup to be held in Faza had to be relocated to Witu due to retaliatory attacks.

“It is unfortunate a few bad apples have led to the ruin of Mbwajumwali’s reputation due to the fact that they want to operate their drug cartels without hindrance,” the RC  said.

He  also observed that the security personnel in the area need to look into boat operators within Lamu East to ensure they are not traffic drugs within the Islands.

Elung’ata  also voided the claims by a section of leaders that the attacks may have been orchestrated by Al-Shabaab operatives, adding that the crime was locally planned and carried out by people well versed with the area.

Sentiments  echoed by the Lamu County Commissioner (CC), Macharia Irungu who stated that the crime was unlikely to have been committed by Al-Shabaab, stating that the crimes are being done by local hoodlums who have threatened to silence anyone who names them.

“We  would like to urge locals if they are afraid to give information leading to the arrest of those behind the killing of the two chiefs, that they can talk to their local imams or community based organization operatives who can then aid the police in cracking down on the criminals.

The  Kiunga Youth Bunge County Coordinator, Noor Dahir, also stated that greater cooperation between the locals and the National Government is needed to ensure that security is once again restored to the area.

“Mbwajumwali is now in a state of anxiety which is unfortunate considering how small it is, and we would like to urge members of the public to come forth and aid police with investigations as to who is behind the two murders,” Dahir stated.

The  Lamu East Member of Parliament, Athman Sharriff who also spoke on the sidelines of the same function, also lamented over the state of insecurity and urged the public to reflect and aid the police with investigations.

So far no one has been apprehended in connection with the two murders of the administrators in Mbwajumwali, with residents wary about their security as well.

By  Amenya Ochieng

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