Measures to Tame Radicalization in Migori

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Suna East Deputy County Commissioner Denis Mutiso has tipped  Migori residents to be wary of foreigners bent on propagating  violent extremism to the local community.

He said the proximity of Migori to the border made it prone to intrusion  and attacks hence the need to be vigilant to ensure that such threat were kept at bay.

“The County of Migori is not exempted from the terrorists’ attacks and even recruitment that may cause adverse effects to the county and the country as well,” the DCC who was addressing terrorism prevention stakeholders in a Migori hotel on Thursday said.

Stakeholders comprised the civil society, media, the security officers, political leaders and the local administration.

The director of champions of peace in Kenya South Nyanza chapter Elly Opondo said that the President directed all the counties to have action plans to help eradicate terrorism and violent extremism.

He said that the attacks at Dusit made it clear that many counties were vulnerable to such attacks and therefore there was need to have recruiters subdued in their missions across all the 47 counties.

A Rongo university lecturer Dr. Fredrick Ogenga said that the university and other institutions were major places where the terror gangs come and do a lot of recruitment and thus this institutions could be used as a place to educate the students on the best way to avoid being lured into the terror gangs.

“The campus and other institutions where youths are found is the main source where the terrorists target to get its members but it can be used as an education Centre where counter terrorism and violent extremism could be taught and explained without using force to counter and fight terrorists,” he said.

By Geoffrey Satia

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