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Media urged to collaborate with security teams

The media practitioners in Kirinyaga County, have been advised to work closely with County Security Team for the sake of public interest.

Speaking during a Security and Media Dialogue Forum organised by the  Media Council of Kenya (MCK), Victor Bwire, Director of Media Training and Development, said media freedom has limitations, especially on issues dealing with national security.

Bwire pleaded with the media not to be the first to break the law, by going against the request by the security.

He noted that members of the Fourth Estate, have been differing with police because everyone has the law and procedure during their daily duties.

“Sometime the police request you to move away from areas such as the scene of crime, but because some feel because they have a press card, they can do anything. Police have their own procedures in their operations and you should respect them,” Bwire said.

He further warned those reporting unverified information, that they will be the victims of their own action, as the Media Council, will only protect those who followed due procedure in access to information in the security sector or area of security operation.

Bwire added that creation of good working relationships with security teams, will provide a good working environment among the players.

Kirinyaga County Commissioner, Hussein Allasow, addressing audience of security team and journalist in Kagio Kirinyaga County.

“Lack of patience by journalists is a major contributor to giving the public unverified information. The person in the scene, may not be the one to give final data; before the seniors are informed, you already sent the information to the editor. This will land you in problems and before MCK comes in, many things would have occurred,” he cautioned.

He asked the County Commissioner to organize a monthly briefing with the media, to improve access to information and exchange of ideas.

Kirinyaga County Commissioner (CC), Hussein Allasow, acknowledged the role of the media in challenging the offices in security, to wake-up to their duty in exposing a security lapses.

He, however, noted that unverified information sources and failure to confirm from the authorities by some reporters, posed a serious threat to security.

CC affirmed that as Kirinyaga Security team, they look forward to cordial relationship with the media in security and development activities, to ensure the government achieve its goals and having a secure County and the nation at large.

“In as much as we need to have access to information, we should adhere to the Code of Conduct”

Dinah Ondari, Manager, Press Freedom, Safety & Advocacy at MCK, requested the media to keep updating themselves with existing national and international laws governing media on security and operations,that involve security personnel.

By Mutai Kipngetich

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