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Media urged to give equal opportunities to contesting parties

The Media fraternity has been called upon to play its role of holding people in leadership positions accountable.

The National Treasury and Planning Chief Administrative Secretary Eric Wafukho, said for the government to drive development, there is need for the media to shape the content and build capacity by providing space to Kenyans to give their views on the issues they want the government to address.

Wafukho said the media should help to build by holding the country’s leadership accountable, using the space they hold, to unearth and highlight population information issues that can help the country improve and benefit from the youthful demographic divide.

“Media should give space for Kenyans to shape what they want. We need everybody in the government to bring development,” he said and urged journalists to exercise objectivity when writing news articles.

The CAS was speaking today during the National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) and Media Council of Kenya (MCK) Editor’s breakfast meeting at a Nairobi hotel where the two organizations, signed a Memorandum of Understanding of a Strategic Partnership that will enable media to access information from NCPD through MCK.

The signing was undertaken by Director General, NCPD Dr Mohamed Sheikh and Mr David Omwoyo, MCK Chief Executive Officer.

Wafukho said the National Treasury will continue to provide adequate funds for development and encouraged Kenyans to grow the country’s revenue and increase physical space since Treasury banks on the revenue generated.

He at the same time noted that the government will continue to create space for the young people to earn a living and urged boda boda riders to form Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (SACCOs) to enable them operate in an orderly manner.

“The government is not against the boda boda riders, but wants those in the business to create SACCOs for the sake of management, accountability and self-regulation,” stressed the CAS.

He added that having order in the sector will eliminate incidences of uncouth behaviour as witnessed last week at Forest Road in Nairobi where a lady motorist was assaulted by the some boda boda riders.

Speaking at the event, Omwoyo said the partnership will address the gap in the coverage of population stories as journalists will now focus on human interest articles that have impact in society.

“This partnership will enable media to understand what population demographics reflects and highlight issues on the young people, widows, orphans, what happens in hospitals and to also understand how government works,” said the CEO.

DG Sheikh said the partnership with media is useful as it will help to create awareness thereby enabling Kenya to do the right investment with the young age below 35 who account for 75 percent of the country’s population.

“We will work closely with the media by providing information, and also participate fully in the journalism annual award scheme where we shall have a slot for population stories,” he said.

In his remarks, the NCPD Director of Technical Services Peter Nyakwara, said the greatest resource in the country’s economy is human capital, an issue he said NCPD is giving priority to ensure that the young people are equipped with the right skills to propel the country’s economy through investment and development.

By Bernadette Khaduli


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