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Gov’t conducts mass drug administration against Trachoma

At least 64,245 people in Kajiado Central have benefitted from mass drug administration against Trachoma and free treatment by the Ministry of Health, Amref Health Africa and Sight savers International in a bid to eradicate trachoma in Kajiado.

Trachoma is the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness. It starts off as a bacterial infection on the eyes which if left untreated, causes scarring to the eyelids pulling the eyelashes inwards and with every blink they scrape against the eye.

According to Kajiado County Trachoma programme coordinator, Dr Rebecca Owenga, the disease is still prevalent in the area as locals live in close proximity with livestock and have inadequate water which leads to lack of high standards of hygiene.

“Poor waste management, lack of adequate water and infestation of flies are causes of trachoma. It spreads through contact with infected flies and via hands, clothes or bedding that have been in contact with infected people, ” said Dr Owenga

Dr Owenga advised the locals to practice regular facial cleaning, proper handwashing and hygienic disposal of animal and human waste so as to get rid of flies that spread trachoma.

“Trachoma in its early stages can be confused with other eye infections thus one should seek medical attention in case of eye infections,” said Dr Owenga.

The mass drug administration and free treatment ran for the entire week focusing on public institutions and homes.

During the exercise, 3 people from Ildamat ward and 4 from Kajiado South were diagnosed with the disease.

Kajiado East, West and South sub-counties also benefited from the programme.

By Diana Meneto and William Muthama

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