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Nakuru county embarks on rehabilitation of roads

Nakuru county government has embarked on the rehabilitation of Malewa Road to facilitate easier transportation, particularly for farmers and students attending Kenyatta Primary, Afraha and Langalanga high schools during the anticipated long heavy rains.

Speaking today while inspecting status of roads, the Engineer in-charge of roads Michael Kamau disclosed that the department of infrastructure aims to upgrade as many roads as possible to improve access and connectivity to enable farmers move their produce to markets even during the rainy season without much struggle.

He noted that several other access roads have undergone upgrades, including the heavy grading of the 5.4km Ndeffo-Mtarakwa Primary School Road in Kihingo Ward, the Marram-Kaboch Road in Solai Ward, and the 3.7km grading of Gathengera Access Road in Malewa West.

Additionally, Engineer Kamau said new roads spanning 1.9km have been opened in Kabazi Ward, while the Kimugul-AIC Road in Amalo Ward and the Kagumo Primary-Catholic Church Road in Waseges Ward have undergone substantial grading.

Furthermore, the rehabilitation efforts extend to Subukia Ward with the grading of Kanu Street access roads, as well as the 2.1km Njeru-Shati Road and the 2.5km Ol-doinyo Eburru Village Road in Elementaita Ward.

The tarmacking and improvement of Roads in Nakuru city, which is funded by the World Bank has changed the face of the city, and reduced heavy flooding due to improvement of stormwater pathways and instalments of call vaults.

The Engineer noted that one of the gains of devolution, especially to Nakuru county has been the upgrading of rural and urban roads, which were in a pathetic state, and curtailed movement during the rainy seasons.

The Engineer expressed his gratitude for the current state of the roads which has enabled farmers to transport milk and other farm produce to the markets without hindrance even when it rains heavily.

He assured the residents that the county has plans of tarmacking as many roads as possible, especially those leading to sub-county towns, in a bid to encourage local and international tourists to tour the entire county instead of just concentrating on Naivasha town and Nakuru city.

By Veronica Bosibori


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