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Members of illegal group arrested

Police in Busia have arrested nine members of an illegal group famously known as ‘jobless’.

Speaking to the press in his office on Friday, Busia County Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto said that the group that resides in Marachi Estate survives on criminal activities.

“We told them to surrender themselves to security agencies, but they still continue to engage police officers,” he said, adding that the group has resorted to recruiting some youth from Uganda to assist in looting, stealing from members of the public and burning tyres on the roads.

Ruto added that officers raided their hideouts, recovered crude weapons and stolen items and arrested nine of them, who will face several criminal charges, including economic sabotage.

“They will be able to answer other serious charges as preferred by the police,” he said, adding that the security team is pursuing the leaders of this criminal gang.

He pointed out that some of the group members have moved out of Busia to the neighbouring country of Uganda.

“We are working closely with Ugandan security with a view to arresting them and soon we are going to catch up with them,” he said.

The CC further said that the group is being sponsored by politicians at both local and national levels to loot, destroy property and cause mayhem in the town.

“We are warning them and we are saying we are going to arrest them because we know where they are,” he said, adding that some known officials from the County government are also sponsoring the illegal group.

Ruto disclosed that the names of the officials are already with the County police commander and they will soon be arrested.

“We are requesting the owner of the premises where the jobless group is operating to come out and record a statement with the police because they have been harbouring criminal suspects,” he said.

He further urged parents from within Busia town, especially Bulanda,Marachi and Estate 48, to warn their children against coming out in the streets to engage police officers in support of the illegal group.

“The government has banned demonstrations across the republic of Kenya, including Busia and it remains so until otherwise,” he said.

The CC at the same time stated that the goons attempted to loot some shops in Busia town during the early and late hours of Thursday night but police officers repulsed them.

‘Police have recovered the stolen items that were stolen by the goons,” he said, adding that security officers will continue with their mandate of protecting the lives and property of the locals.

Ruto further dismissed rumours making the rounds that a police officer was killed during the Thursday demonstrations, adding that he has not received any report from the County Police Commander.

He warned police officers against taking advantage of the protests to loot from the public, adding that nobody is above the law.

The CC assured the local journalists that they would be granted security while discharging their mandate.

by Salome Alwanda

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