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MEWASS operation licence renewed for five years

MEWASS operation licence renewed for five years

Meru Water and Sewerage Services (MEWASS) has been granted a five-year licence by Water Services and Regulatory Board (WASREB) to continue providing clean water to residents of Meru Municipality.

Previously, the water provider had been granted a three-year licence that was expected to expire by the end of this month.

Addressing journalists after engaging stakeholders in one of the hotels in Meru town, WASREB CEO Mr Julius Itunga said that renewal of MEWASS’s licence was a clear indication that the company was operating in the right way.

“We looked at MEWASS’s application seeking permission to continue with their business and although there are some issues here and there, we feel that there is need for them to continue with their operations,” said Mr Itunga.

He noted that the County government of Meru had also committed to supporting the company and filling some of the outstanding gaps.

The CEO congratulated MEWASS, adding that a current WASREB performance report indicated MEWASS was in position eight out of 92 companies that were evaluated this year and that they were at position two from Nyeri in terms of minimising water losses.

“Water loss is one of the key issues that we fight against. It is pleasing to note that MEWASS stands at 18 percent, whereas the world standards allow a company to have a maximum loss of 20 percent,” said Mr Itunga, adding that they were still encouraging them to work harder to minimise the loss even further.

He said the losses of water in the country stand at 45 percent, adding that they had started an operation dubbed “Linda Maji, Lipa Maji”, which was aimed at curbing illegal connections and eventually combating the water losses.

He noted that the government has started a crackdown against illegal water connections, calling on those using water illegally to visit their water providers’ offices to regularise them as well as report those who would defy these orders.

MEWASS CEO Patrick Mugendi lauded the County government for its support of the company, noting that this has enabled the company to perform well.

He said they were working hard to ensure everyone within Meru Municipality had access to clean water and were also expanding their services to the environs.

Mugendi further noted that MEWASS is constructing a sewerage plant within Meru Town in a bid to improve public health and sanitation and curb improper disposal of human waste in Meru Town, a project he said would be commissioned in December this year.

Water, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change CEC Jack Muthamia lauded MEWASS, adding that their sterling performance had earned them a renewal of their licence.

“We have been placed in the second tier because we have performed well and competed well with other major countries in the country. The County government will continue with its support to MEWASS so they can continue with the critical service of providing clean water to the residents,” said Mr Muthamia.

By Dickson Mwiti

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