Migori farmers receive agricultural farm inputs

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Farmer’s in Migori County have benefited from farm inputs and machinery from Agricultural Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP) in coordination with Migori County.

Migori County Secretary for Agriculture Mr. Valentine Ogongo while presenting the farm inputs and machineries to various farmer groups across the County said that they stand to benefit enormously and that their production will be increased.

The farm machines which cost Sh5 Million including three Tricycles, three Solar Power Irrigation System Machines, four Poultry Milling machines and Starter Mixtures for feed formulation.

Mr. Ogongo said that the irrigation equipment will help various farmer groups that include women and youth do their farming instead of relying on rainfall that has become unpredictable.

“The issue of relying on rainfall so that we plant is going to change since the climatic patterns have become unpredictable”, said Ogongo.

He said that the feed formulation machines will reduce the cost of feeds that have been too costly for farmers to purchase. He urged poultry farmers that benefited from the poultry feed formulation machines to utilize and maintain the machines to ensure that they reap maximum profits.

Ogongo said that the tricycles will be used to transport feed to various farmer groups within the county to reduce the high cost of transportation that farmers have always incurred.

The farmers also received maize and sunflower seed, cake seeds and fertilizers. Ogongo encouraged the farmers to utilize the October rains and plant the seeds in order to boost their produce.

BY Mercy Saja

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